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Biggby Coffee in Madison Heights is perfect for gathering


Co-owner Daniel Bora ready to greet customers.Since its opening in 2008, Biggby Coffee at 31055 John R Rd. in Madison has settled into its community quite nicely. If you're not familiar with this brand of coffee shop, you'll be pleased to know its Michigan-owned and since all locations are franchise, a sense of local flavor and personal attention is immediately recognized. The products they provide are what you'd expect from a coffee shop, but some of their drinks, such as the Carmel Marvel, are quickly becoming best-selling favorites for customers.

Commenting on what distinguishes them from other places, co-owner Daniel Banu says, “Biggby Coffee focuses primarily on the customer and their experience in the store.” Furthermore, they take pride in their roasting process which gives both their espresso drinks and coffee a unique taste.

What best sets this coffee shop apart from the rest is the way in which is fosters community. Biggby sponsors and does fundraising for local events like the Christmas tree lighting ceremoniy, Memorial Day parade, ethnic festivals, and job fairs at schools. But that’s not all—every Friday is open-mic night, Sundays are board game days, and a Saturday morning “Children’s book reading” is in the works.

“These customers are just people with problems, anxieties, fears and issues just like everybody else. Most days we make time to interact with them and try to give them hope. One of the main reasons we opened the store was to try to find a way to impact a community” says Daniel Banu. The commitment customers have to this local coffee shop is felt inside the store.

Finally, the three LCDs and cozy fire place add a quaint touch to the atmosphere that makes the space un-intimidating. You’ll also have the opportunity to see tweets marked with @BiggbyCoffeeMH show up on the TweetDeck displayed on one of the TVs. Biggby’s care for community, personable staff, and quality products all make this location a place worth visiting and calling your own.  You'll feel right at home, whether it be for studying, hanging out, or business purposes.

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  • Andreea 5 years ago

    I've heard great things about this coffee shop although I have never had it myself, I would very much like to stop in one day and give it a try!

  • Gabi d 5 years ago

    Why don't you stop using models in your ad spots and insert the real workers in their work environment?!?!? It's obvious that good lookin' fella in the photo is not a "real" barista.

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