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Bigfoot, wendigo and other cryptids: Projections from space?

Is Bigfoot "projected" from space?
Is Bigfoot "projected" from space?

Editor's Note: This is Part 2 in a series of stories about the Minnesota Wendigo. Please see Part One HERE

Among the first white settlers in the northern portion of Minnesota's Roseau County was Jacob Nelson who, upon arriving in the late 1880s, found a small Indian village of about 40 permanent inhabitants.

These were mostly Chippewa and/or Ojibwe of the Algonquin-speaking group of Native Americans who populated northern Minnesota and southern Canada for thousands of years.

Nelson, and later his son Jesse, became familiar with the friendly and sociable Indians as the new-comers eked out a living on this rugged swampy land -- swarming with mosquitoes in the summer and bitter cold through long winters.

The Nelson’s quickly became familiar with the stories and legends of the Native culture. One of the strangest and most persistent of these was that of the Wendigo. To these indigenous people, the Wendigo was not a myth, but a frightening creature that was very real.

Jacob Nelson assumed the Wendigo was just another article of Native American myths – until one day in 1904 when his son and daughter experienced a frightening encounter with one in the forest.

Young Jesse Nelson and his sister Edna were hiking in the northern Minnesota woods on a fine spring day. The two kids were enjoying a carefree romp in lovely weather when, suddenly, Edna screamed. Jesse turned as saw a “giant creature about 15 feet tall, wearing white robes and with a star etched into its forehead.

Intensely afraid, they ran home and later told the teacher at their one-room schoolhouse the inexplicable creature they had both witnessed in the woods. A day later, a healthy young Indian brave died for unknown reasons. The Native Americans were not surprised – they told the white folks that whenever the Wendigo appears, someone will die.

Jesse Nelson would see the creature again about a month later. Another mysterious death quickly followed.

Centuries of Monster Stories

Stories of the Wendigo date back literally hundreds of years and are known throughout Algonquin-speaking native cultures. Descriptions vary – many of them describe the creature as “corpse-like,”often with “hanging, rotting flesh” and “exposed rib cages.”

It is most often associated with death and cannibalism – an omen of death, and a portent or warning against those people who might resort to cannibalism – even when times are desperate.

The “Other” Kind of Wendigo

But may reports are even stranger, or take on an entirely different tone – especially the many accounts which report that the Wendigo appears to be so thin that it literally disappears as you view it from the side.

Very often, the Wendigo seems like a projection on a flat screen. It also often displays movement that is “lighter than air” and able to “float and fluctuate.” All this, and this bizarre apparition demonstrates a knack for wearing “white lace,” or “white flowing robes.”

These latter kinds of reports suggest a very different sort of experience from that of ghoulish, cannibalistic monster. The “flat-screen” Wendigo seems more alien or extraterrestrial

As pointed out in Part 1 of this series, this flat-projection aspect of the Wendigo might support the notion of modern cosmologist that our universe is flat, and that everything we see and experience is actually “painted on a flat plane of reality.” This is also the scenario supported by Holographic Principle – that our universe is actually a kind of holographic projection.

The Remote Viewers Get Involved

More support for the Wendigo as a kind of “artificial” projection comes from an entirely different discipline – that of the former top secret remote viewing program developed by U.S. Army Intelligence and CIA beginning in the early 1970s.

The purpose of the remote viewing program was to spy on the Soviet Union and gather cold War intelligence. But once this elite corps of “psychic spies” developed their skills to a very high level, it was inevitable that they would start to wonder about other kinds of issues – the big issues – such as: What are UFOs? Is there life after death? Are there really ghosts? Is there or was there ever life on Mars?

One of the original and top-rated remote viewers was decorated military officer Major Ed Dames. He was among a small cadre of gifted men who demonstrated remarkable ability in “casting out their minds” to retrieve information about remote locations which could be anywhere on the planet.

In a recent radio interview, (listen here) Dames said that one of the topics that his team of select remote viewers decided to look at was Bigfoot. And why not? The persistent appearance of this large, hairy ape-like-man creature has long been among the deepest and unsolvable mysteries of human history.

Briefly: When Dames and his team cast their minds out for the truth about Bigfoot, the answers that came back were almost too difficult for them to believe – and these guys had already experienced a lot of strange things during their careers as remote viewers.

Dames said the information they were getting was that Bigfoot was a kind of projection – that it was being “beamed” or “sent” to the surface of the earth from a remote location in outer space.

Sound familiar?

Dames said his team detected a kind of “long rectilinear device” positioned in space. He said this object appears to be a “projector-assembler” which uses carbon and other basic elements out of the atmosphere to “generate something that looks like a Bigfoot.”

Dames went on to say that the device is connected to a group of “entities” who are even further out in space. He said his team has been unable to discern the nature of these entities – whether they be “aliens” or “spiritual” beings, but that they have encountered them before. Dames calls them “The Controllers.”

Pretty far out stuff, for sure – but we’ll leave the astounding claims of Major Ed Dames there for now.

The larger point is point is that we have two models generated from two entirely divergent sources, independent of each other, which suggest that bizarre cryptids observed in the wilds of the earth are projections from somewhere else-- and that elsewhere is located off planet.

That the Wendigo of northern Minnesota is a projection would explain the many eyewitness reports describing the creature appears flat when viewed from the side, and also its strange anti-gravity capabilities.

On the other hand, this “flatness” and other paranormal capabilities has never or rarely been associated with Bigfoot -- although there are reports of Bigfoot sightings in which the creature simply vanishes in a "ball of light."

So what really is going on here? The discussion will continue in the third and final article in this series.

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