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Bigfoot Vocalizations: Thoughts and Observations

In this series of articles dealing with Bigfoot Vocalizations, we have listened to hawk screams, whip-poor-wills, squeaks, whistles, owls, coyotes, and many other night sounds. Some readers and viewers are very quick to say they are coyotes, owls or anything else not a Bigfoot. However, thinking outside the box you must consider how Bigfoot and managed to evade humans for so long, and they must be very good at what they do.

Bigfoot has been able to elude capture and stay out of the reaches of man for thousands of years which would indicate they are very intelligent, and are basically the “Kings” of the forest. We are dealing with something much smarter that a bear, elk, fox, or any other creature in the forest (with the only competitor being man). They know vocalizing will spook their prey, or give their location away, so any mimics or calls have to be very close to the real animal--such as a coyote, birds, elk etc. If it were not so, they would find it very difficult to obtain meat or kill their prey. So--yes, they will sound very much like a coyote when doing a mimic, and only subtle differences will give them away. They have to be good enough to fool even the coyotes.

Therefore, it would be very easy for humans to make the mistake of incorrect identification of the animal producing the vocalizations. You have to not only listen for the subtle differences, but you have to take into account circumstances and behavior during the event. Coyotes fade away when they know man is “on to them”. They don't lead the humans into the forest. Coyotes don't USUALLY howl during the day. They certainly don't play games with humans and try to sneak around them to howl once they have evaded their pursuers. This is against their nature.

The big picture of the area has to be considered. What kinds of tracks, scat, and animals have been seen in the area? Coyotes don’t drop poop that is determined though testing and examination to be, “Animal Species Unknown”, and they do not leave tracks that are fourteen to nineteen inches long. Not even a bear overstep can do that unless you are in Kodiak or Polar Bear domain.

Just remember, Bigfoot is very intelligent, and they have to communicate in order to collectively and successfully hunt. They are not going to use calls and noises that would alert or scare their intended prey. They are good at what they do and so are their vocalizations. If not, they would have starved or been caught by man long ago.

More Thought and Observations to come...

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