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Bigfoot Vocalizations: The Hooting Visitor

On 6 May 2013 another Bigfoot research expedition was being conducted. The usual procedures were followed setting up cameras and the large parabolic sound collector which feeds into my audio recorder. There was not much time to make the rounds into the forest to announce my presence, but I put out the usual treats and placed the game cameras in places I thought the Bigfoot would not necessarily look. I placed the cameras under my trailer and truck next to the tires.

There is a long standing difference in theories among Bigfoot researchers about the use of game cameras when it comes to Bigfoot. Some believe it is not worth the effort due to Bigfoot being able to see the infrared lighting used during night vision recording. They say the Bigfoot simply avoids the cameras. Other researchers insist the Bigfoot cannot see the IR lighting itself, but they can detect the cherry red glow emitted when the camera triggers during the night. After all, even humans can see that light. Some state the Bigfoot can hear the camera operations and know when it is about to be triggered while others say the Bigfoot simply watch you put up the cameras and know to avoid them. However, I have had some success in times past catching body parts as they played with the cameras and while one got into my ice chest and took a Diet Coke and a foil of chocolate chip cookies.

Later that night I picked up on a faint vocalization. It was hooting somewhat like an owl, but it was moving as it hooted. The vocalizations were coming directly to the camp site. I was able to determine this by the increasing volume of the calls and my parabolic dish position. It came down the hill pretty fast, but it was very stealthy other than the vocalizations.

Something strange happened. Either another creature joined in out of view, or the hooter changed its song. The new vocalization was more of a squeak. I became totally focused on the new sound and was caught off guard with happened next. Something slapped my trailer hard enough to make it shake. I nearly screamed, and I thought my heart stopped for a few moments. After gaining my composure, I peeked outside. There was nothing.

Nothing touched the sweets or came into view. Perhaps, it was true. They seemed to know exactly where the cameras were hidden and could not make it to the table without being seen. I believe the thump on the trailer was an expression of disappointment.

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