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Bigfoot Vocalizations: The Gathering 22 May 2013 pt 2

On 22 May, 2013 I had an event in which I recorded hoots and squeaks from some creatures that had come over the hill and was working their way around the edge of the camp. I had turned off the light inside the trailer so that I would not alarm the creatures and allow me to peak out my windows to watch for activity near the picnic table. I had purposely left treats (sweets) on the table to attract any Sasquatch. The hoots and squeaks continued for nearly an hour and then went silent.

I had placed motion sensors on the table back to back to cover 360 degrees in detection. These sensors emit nothing in the way of light, but they do send a radio signal to a receiver up to four hundred and fifty feet. This would alert me of any creature approaching the table.

I had several game cameras trained on the trailer, but I had moved them back to the trailer. Many Bigfoot researchers seem to think Bigfoot can see the IR lighting used to illuminate the area for the video. Therefore, I had backed off the cameras hoping they would be far enough away to not draw attention by the Bigfoot. Unfortunately, that proved to be a mistake.

I was about to drop off to sleep when the first alarm sounded. I took a look outside from my trailer window. Even though it was nearly pitch black I could see a large, black biped walking towards the table. I could only hope the game cameras were capturing the image. I believe it saw the curtain move and it turned around and went back into the bushes.

A short time later the alarms started sounding again. From what I could see there were two large and one small biped. The lighting was still bad and I could not get an image from the trailer with my hand held video camera because the IR emitter on the camera was hitting the glass in the window and completely washing out the images. It was all up to my game cameras. Would they trigger and capture the images? I could only hope.

At daylight I retrieved my game cameras. Not a one had worked. No video and no record of the events other than the recorded audio and the camera from inside the trailer. What a let down!

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