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Bigfoot Vocalizations: The Chase

In the middle of summer on 17 July 2010, David, Mitch and Shannon Waite with Clay Randall, were conducting a Bigfoot research expedition on the Mogollon Rim and they did not have much success on the first day or during the night. In fact, it was quite peaceful. However, they were rousted from their sleep at dawn by the sound of creatures howling around their camp. This was not the first time this had happened, but this time the vocalizations were during daylight which was unusual. The camp was surrounded by what seemed to be coyotes (click here to hear real coyote vocalizations). The vocalizations did not sound right, and the creatures did not act like a pack of coyotes. At first, there was no pack. The separate creatures where dispersed around the camp but started to join forces and the researchers emerged from the tents and prepared to give chase.

Shannon and Clay decided to stay and watch the camp in case this was some kind of decoy tactic to get us away from our camp. David and I grabbed our video cameras and started to give chase to the growing number of creatures doing the vocalizations. Giving chase alone would generally be enough to silence any coyotes—if they were coyotes. However, the vocalizations continued.

David is a bit more agile than I, and he wasted no time heading up the hill chasing the calls. I soon found myself about one hundred yards behind David and trying to keep up enough to keep him in sight. I soon noticed the creatures had split into two groups. One group seemed to be leading David further up the hill into a densely forested area, while the group circled around and started trying to lead me in a different direction. Their motives were clear. They wanted to split David and I up. Were we being hunted? Or perhaps they were just playing with us. Either way, it got a bit spooky and I stopped long enough to shuck a bullet into the chamber of my pistol before continuing.

I could hear movement on both sides of me, and from time to time there was a vocalization. I realized they were trying to confuse me and get me to go into a thicker wooded area. Instead, I spotted a clearing and headed for the middle of it. I located a log and sat down and waited for their next move. I also wanted to give myself plenty of reaction time so that I was not desperate enough to be trigger happy. I did not want to shoot David by mistake.

To Be Continued...

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