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Bigfoot Vocalizations: The Chase, Tables Are Turned

Continued from Bigfoot Vocalizations: The Chase

I sat and thought about the circumstances we were in. David was armed, and an experienced woodsman. However, the actions of these howlers were not the actions of a coyote pack. I had caught on to the tactical move of then howling to draw me in a direction as they moved ahead of me. Each time I stopped or turned back towards camp, they would double back, get close, and start howling again to bait me on to giving them chase. I was not falling for it again, and from the proximity of the sounds in the bushes, I had four to six watchers.

As I sat on the log in the middle of the clearing, I knew the creatures could not approach me without being seen, and I was fairly safe, but I was worried about David. Occasionally, I could hear the group that was “dogging him” sound in the distance. By this time David was a good half mile away, and it sounded as if he had four to six creatures with him. We had left the camp so quickly we did not bring our walkie-talkies; therefore, we had no voice communications. I was hoping David had realized the situation and could come back.

I decided to wait and listen for a few more minutes and then signal David the only way I knew how and to also call for reinforcements from camp at the same time. My plan was to fire three shots in the air. This is the hunter’s signal that they are in distress and need help. I had learned about this in my youth as my Dad taught me how to hunt and trap game. Both David and Shannon knew this distress signal, Shannon knew because he was taught by our Dad, and David was my son and I had taught it to him.

I waited and listened. I was being circled, but I had the feeling that when I drew my pistol and fired the shots in the air things would come to a head. They would either attack, or disappear. I figured as long as I could hear the howls following David, he was probably alright because there had been no change in pitch or frequency of the vocalizations. I pulled out another clip of ammo from my belt in case I had to reload very quickly. My thoughts went back to the movie “Jaws”, and the sheriff said, “We got to get a bigger boat!” I was feeling that way about my 9mm pistol.

To Be Continued...

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