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Bigfoot Vocalizations: The Chase Climax

Continued from Bigfoot Vocalizations: The Chase, The Table Has Turned.

I pulled my pistol and started to raise it into the air, but stopped. It had gone quiet. The howlers were silent. Not only the creatures around me, but I could no longer hear any in David’s direction. I held my breath to listen to the bushes, and there was no movement. No sounds.

Several hundred yards away I spotted a dark object moving through the bushes coming towards me. It was David. He was working his way down the hill staying in the open areas trying to be completely visible, and he seemed to be in a hurry. I could almost see the relief in his posture as he spotted me getting up from the log.

Moments later we were sitting in the middle of the clearing discussing the events. The forest was quiet, not even a bird could be heard.

David told me that he had come close to being able to see the creatures, but then they would go silent and move away from him. He said they would start howling again when they felt they were a safe distance from him. He could tell that about half of them had circled around behind him and were headed for me, and that was when he decided to turn back. On numerous occasions the creatures would flank him and start vocalizing almost as if they were trying to get him to continue the chase. He didn’t fall for it and decided to head back to look for me.

We headed back towards camp watching our surroundings. We were definitely paranoid. We arrived back at camp without incident, and it was good to see Shannon and Clay had a good fire going and were watching for us. They both felt as if David and I might be in trouble and were considering calling the Sheriff and going out to look for us.

For a long while we sat round the campfire discussing what had transpired. We discussed strategy for the following day and decided to hang game cameras along the path of the chase in case our critters returned.

I talked to David later that day and he seemed to think we were either being hunted or these creatures were playing with us. We concluded that it must have been play because if they wanted to hurt us, they very well could had done so.

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