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Bigfoot Vocalizations Part 4: The Baby In The Woods

On 4 March 2013 during a Bigfoot research event several vocalizations were encountered. The vocalizations ranged throughout the night and consisted of huffs, snorts, screams, and even a cough which sounded much like a human baby. Of course, there were no human babies in the forest. In fact, there was only one human in the area, and that was the researcher. The hard core skeptics will say it was just a baby from some camper or hiker passing by the trailer at approximately 3 am on a very dark and cold night. The hiker or camper would have had to hike in about three quarters of a mile in near total darkness without a flashlight carrying a baby to past a stranger’s camp and not stopping to ask for assistance, or help--Very unlikely.

Previous to the cough and just before dark, several huffs had grunts were experienced by the researcher coming from the hill above the trailer. The video records the researcher’s attempt to locate the source, but the light is fading, and the camera was not focusing very well due to the light conditions.

So what was these huffs and grunts? Again the skeptic will say it was a bear or some other creature passing by the campsite expressing its displeasure of not being able to raid the camp for food. Or, was it a much more intelligent creature getting excited about the prospect of obtaining sweets or food left out by the researcher? Could there be a couple of Bigfoot’s watching the campground in hopes of obtaining some easy food by any camper that stopped in the area over night? Were the huffs and grunts an expression of the anticipation of sweets and pork chops which were being cooked and sitting on the table?

Later that night after the infant cough, the vocalizations changed. These calls were almost like a coyote, and would seem that way to someone who had not spent their growing up years in the desert listening to coyotes howl at the moon. So if not coyotes what were they? Mimics. Much like the Native American Indians, animals were mimicked when hunting. This was done to not alert the game or other ears to their presence. It appears that Bigfoot can and does mimic local animals, and the best propagation of sound through the forest is a higher pitch like a coyote. Basically, it was a call to let others know of the success or location of food! And yes, the food and sweets on the table disappeared during the night.

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