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Bigfoot Vocalizations Part 3: In The Woods and Screams In the Night

In Part 2 of this article, the Bigfoot research team had their first experience with voices in the bushes. At first, they thought it to be part of their group which turned out to be approximately two miles away in a deep heavily forested canyon. After meeting back up with the other members, it was determined the two groups were too far away to be able to hear each other, but it could possibly be other hikers in the area. It was decided to do a search for any sign of any other humans. There was only one road into the wilderness area and the team was a great distance from civilization. They determined it would be easiest to travel to the end of the road, turn around and travel back out to the highway some seven miles away while looking for any vehicles along the way. No vehicles were found, and the only tire tracks on the road were from the team’s truck. Therefore, the source of the voices was not identified.

That night the team returned to the base camp nearly seven miles from the incident. However, it was noted that the camp was only approximately a mile and a half, “as the crow flies”, from the voice event area. Perhaps, there might be a quicker foot trail.

That night went uneventful until after dinner. The entire group was about ready to retire for a good night’s sleep. This is when the screams began.

At first they thought it to be coyotes; perhaps, several of them. (Compare the mimics to these real coyotes.) At first the howls were some distance away, but were rapidly becoming louder. Soon the camp was surrounded by the howls which were just out of sight on the hills around the camp. It was a bit unnerving.

The screaming and howling continued for several hours until the team members decided to give chase. The plan was to use the vehicles to depart the area and swing around behind the noise and cut the howler’s escape from the direction they had come. The plan was to sit on the highway where the creatures would not be able to cross without being seen, but the plan was foiled.

Three trucks stationed along the highway at intervals to cut off the escape, but the next time the vocalizations sounded, they were already across the highway. We gave chase to a clearing where we left our vehicles and started out on foot. The creatures were very close. Then it happened. One of trucks burglar alarm armed and sounded with the typical tweet and honk. That silenced the vocalizations.

So what was the coyote mimics all about? They did not behave like coyotes, and they did not sound right either. Was this a planned intimidation event hoping to scare us away or was it payback for violating their territory earlier that day?

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