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Bigfoot Vocalizations Part 2: Voices In The Woods and Screams In the Night

On 20 April 2009 a Bigfoot research team of nine members spent the day searching for evidence of Bigfoot in the area. The members were Jerry, Sterling, Shannon, and Mitch Waite (all same family). They were accompanied by Clay Randall, and a couple of other researchers who do not wish to be identified.

The day of searching the higher altitudes had been somewhat a success locating some evidence of Bigfoot in the area. This evidence included a sighting by two of the members, a series of footprints found in some soft dirt (which was cast in plaster that day), and some vocalizations in the bushes.

During the day, the team had split up into two different groups and had different objectives and locations to check out. The first team which consisted of Shannon, Jerry, and Sterling, went west into a densely forested area to look for tracks and sign. The other group consisting of Mitch and Clay went to hang cameras to overlook a meadow to the east.

Mitch and Clay were hanging the cameras when the sighting occurred. Mitch was high in the tree and caught the movement of a human figure crossing between two trees. He alerted Clay who also saw the creature and immediately gave chase. Mitch was behind due to having to climb down out of the tree. Both were in touch by walkie-talkie. Mitch was tracking Clay and found where another set of footprints had intersected and was following Clay’s footprints. Clay was alerted by Mitch and doubled back to rejoin Mitch. The Bigfoot was not seen again, but the team did cast the footprints.

The second team was in a dense thicket when they began to hear someone talking. It was low and hushed, but they could determine it was some kind of language or words. They could not understand what was being said, but the group assumed it was Mitch and Clay. It was not. Mitch and Clay were approximately two miles away deep in a canyon. Shannon’s groups called out to Mitch and Clay, but were not answered, and the voices ceased.

This was the first incident of voices in the forest. Unfortunately, the vocalizations did not have the volume to be recorded on the video cameras.

So what was being discussed in the bushes outside the view of the researchers? More than likely it was strategy. Could it be plan to thwart the efforts of the research time while keeping unseen? Possibly a plan was being discussed to coerce the humans by intimidation into leaving the area.

To Be Continued…

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