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Bigfoot Vocalizations: Night Sounds With Whistles and Growls

On 16 September 2013, I was on one of my research trips, and the day was uneventful. I went about doing my usual tasks by visiting all of the places where the team had experienced an event. My goal was to make it known that I was in the area.
Typically, when doing research I and my team members wear a bright red t-shirt and long pants. This serves a two-fold purpose. One reason is to be highly visible to both creatures and humans. Of course, being visible to humans is a safety concern due to hunters may be a little trigger happy when it comes to something moving through the bushes. Bright red should show up very well.

Why would we want to be highly visible to the animals? One reason is to not surprise any large animals that could present a danger to us such as a bear, cougar, or even an elk. What about a Bigfoot? Wouldn’t be better to wear camouflage, scent remover, and sneak through the area as quietly as possible? The simple answer is NO! Sasquatch is the supreme creatures in the forest. Chances are they know of your presence in the area as soon as you step off the road. Decked out as a hunter and acting like a hunter only serves to put them on guard, and you will never get to see them.

The philosophy was to try to tweak their interest by not acting like a threat. Being hightly visible, leaving food and treats, talking to them (and the camera), and stumbling over rocks and bushes attracts their interest, and this is what I was doing.

Just before dark, I returned to my camp and sent up for night operations by setting out surveillance cameras on treats on the picnic table and every access point into that area. Next was the set up of my 33 inch parabolic sound amplifier. This would allow me to hear anything coming into camp.

I lay in bed with my headphones on and the sound amp running. About midnight, I picked up a whistler. This was not unusual, but I did notice the whistling was on the move. Then I noticed the growls between the whistling sequences. I could hear the growl even over an airplane which passed over during the event.

Then it happened. The one place I did not have a camera on got a visit. It was in the back of my truck. I had forgotten I left a bag of garbage and something was sorting through the trash. I got up and turned on the lights, and the intruder left the area. Funny thing was, the bag was intact, but the edible trash was gone. All of the cans and uneatable items were still in the bag. The bag top was untied, not ripped open.

Possible bear? Bears don’t whistle and they don’t take time to untie a garbage bag.

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