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Bigfoot Vocalizations: Hooter and Squeeker 22 May 2013

During the summer of 2013, I spent a several weeks at a time doing research in the area I had previously recorded whistles, growls, and moans. Some of the vocalizations were becoming very familiar, but I had not been able to associate the vocalizations with any specific creatures or Bigfoot. The big picture of the data collected for the last six years indicated there was not any bears in the area, and there was a high probability the whistles were not birds. I had even managed to have a whistling conversation with one, and when I tried to follow the creature, I was discouraged by several rocks slamming the trees next to me. Birds and bears do not throw rocks.

There were never any bear tracks found in the area, and the only footprints were from sasquatch. The footprints ranged from nine inches all the way to 19 inches in length. The scat was not bear, and there were numerous sightings by team members, locals, and myself. This was a bigfoot habitat, and there were several in the area.

I was conducting field research by myself. Almost everyone who had been with me in previous events would not go again for various reasons. I was going through researchers very quickly and it wasn’t because I was nuts. It was from what they experienced during their attendance.

As the time tag in the video shows, it was late at night and I had just got up to change the tape on my sound recorder. It had been running constantly during the night just in case a vocalization occurred. As I laid down and turned off the trailer light, I began to hear a squeak much like a rubber duck squeeze toy. It had topped over the ridge of the hill above my camp and was moving closer.

In the same direction came a faint hoot and it was moving fast. The squeaker stopped its approach and the hooter caught up. It reminded me of a young child running ahead of its mom in a grocery store but being caught by mom before it got to the candy. I named them Hooter and Squeeker. Squeeker with two E’s because it was not like the squeak of a door.

The visit lasted for about an hour and it finally went quiet. The hoots and squeaks were definitely from two different creatures, and they seemed to be conversing with each other. I got to know their sounds very well. These are no owls, or birds because I can hear their footsteps as they move around the edge of the camp probably trying to determine if it is safe to come in and partake of the treats on the picnic table.

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