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Bigfoot video: Family captures roadside footage of dark, shaggy beast

Another video -- this time from Canada -- purporting to have possibly captured the elusive bigfoot creature, also known as a Sasquatch, has been posted to YouTube. Only a few seconds long, it depicts what appears to be a very dark entity moving into a brushy area, black against golden foliage.

Canada's Global News reported Jan. 25 that a family in Craven, Saskatchewan, Canada say they saw a dark, shaggy figure by the roadside, so they quickly pulled to the side of the road and started filming its movements.

The video, which is three minutes long, shows the footage, just over 11 seconds long, several times. It is shown in slow motion, high-dynamic-range (HDR), and zoomed. It is also captioned before and in between each showing of the clips, the captions suggesting that the figure is "brown," "hairy," and has a "very long" arm.

The video, "The Craven Bigfoot Footage," was posted by Adam Bird on Jan. 20.

But what was actually captured? Is the image in the footage an real Sasquatch or just someone playing another hoax? Could it be that the hairy figure in the film is just another bogus bigfoot, a man in a gorilla suit?

As reported by Yahoo News, a couple of videos of bigfoot posted online in July 2013 showed the creature in the woods of British Columbia. After it was discovered that they had been posted by a software company called PlayMobility, which was promoting the LegendTracker app, an app that allowed users to track legendary creatures. Many accepted the idea that the videos were most likely fake.

But is the Craven bigfoot video a fake as well?

Or could it be that there is nothing spurious about it, that the Saskatchewan family did capture a living creature alongside the highway? An escaped zoo animal perhaps?

While the jury is still out on the film's authenticity, it must be stated that the belief in bigfoot -- or Sasquatch -- as a live and breathing species of animal is beyond doubt to many. They are certain that the large hirsute beast is extant. And although there has yet to be any conclusive biological and clinical examples to support the existence of the massive hominid, that doesn't stop individuals from believing what they've seen and/or heard.

Still, it might be wise to follow the advice of Edgar Allen Poe when it comes to the topic of the very elusive bigfoot. He once wrote: "Believe only half what you see and nothing that you hear."

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