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Bigfoot Structures

In the field of Bigfoot research, many reports have been made about finding different types of structures found in the forest. Some of these structures are manmade and it is usually easy to pick them out. Tell-tale signs of cut limbs or trees, the use of rope or wire, and of course a fire pit. However, there are some that do not seem to be manmade and are associated with other findings in the area to include large barefoot prints, bones, and scat that are high probability of being Sasquatch.

The manmade structures would be useful shelters if a tarp was employed or snow was packed around the outside. Bigfoot structures on the other hand really do not serve very well as shelters because they do not block the rain, snow, or wind. They might do well as shade, but in most cases Bigfoot is hidden in the shadows of spruce trees or other natural cover.

Therefore, the question is why would Bigfoot waste its time building structures that really serve no purpose? Now we are not talking about the occasional trail or territorial marker that many researchers are reporting. These have a clear purpose of identifying who the territory belongs to and whether or not newcomers are welcome. What we are talking about are the tee-pees or lean-to which are constructed out of small, stripped trees or tree limbs. Some are small and would only hold one occupant, while others are big and could hold an entire congregation of twelve or more.

Perhaps, each structure has its purpose? The big structures were definitely designed for more than one. But do they actually reside inside the structure, or is it a possible meeting place for the clan or visitors? Could Bigfoot have a religion? Or, could they have an extended social structure? Maybe, it could be an extended nursery for the youngsters like the human day care centers? I know this sounds a bit off the wall, but we know so little about the Sasquatch, and most seem to think they are nothing more than a large gorilla with little more intelligence than a deer, elk, dog, or possibly a chimp. Perhaps they are smarter than most humans are willing to believe.

I have located many tee-pee structures and some are quite impressive. As I approached one, I noticed a particular smell. I have smelled it before, when I found what appeared to be some kind of secretion on the ground a few years earlier. Perhaps, tee-pees are markers. Easily spotted in the forest and some are not hidden. Maybe a sign post to other Bigfoot to come and see who owns the territory? Advertising for a mate? Maybe looking for a lost relative?

Definitely something to ponder.

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