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Bigfoot Snowshoe Race Offers Break from Winter Running Blues

Snowshoeing is a fun cross training activity for winter running
Snowshoeing is a fun cross training activity for winter running

This year’s Bigfoot 5k/10k Snowshoe Race in Traverse City was an experiment for many long time runners and others just getting into the sport. Three hundred runners packed into the starting area on January 23rd with snowshoes of all shapes and sizes strapped to their feet. When the gun went off the snow flew and a blizzard of smiling faces and kicking feet left the lodge at Timber Ridge Campground and headed into the woods.

The race is a 5k-loop run twice by the 10k participants, offering novice and advanced runners alike a fun and exciting way to break up their mid-winter running blues.

The trail winds through the woods forming a temporary single track, occasionally popping out onto the groomed cross-county ski trails. These breaks from the woods give faster runners an opportunity to pass others without much difficulty. As the trail goes on the technical difficulty increases and runners are faced with hills and logs to navigate over and around.

In addition to being a great event for the active family, the event is also the Midwest qualifier for nationals in March. From nationals, a five-person team is chosen to compete in the World Snowshoe Championships. Runners at the front of the pack are exciting to watch as they blow past in the flurry of kicking snow.

For information about the Bigfoot 5k/10k Snowshoe race sponsored by Running Fit or for photos of the event visit the race website