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Bigfoot Research Sometimes Reveals More Than Bigfoot

When a research team or person is out in the field doing Bigfoot research, they sometimes get more than they bargained. Keep in mind the researcher is trying to be very observant of the surroundings and is usually armed with their tools of the trade such as cameras, game cameras, sound amplifiers, night vision, and thermal imaging equipment. It stands to reason the efforts will produce something and it may not be Bigfoot. They may come up with paranormal encounters such as UFOs, other cryptids of Cryptozoology, ghosts, haunted places, and things long lost and forgotten about.

In Arizona this is also true. In the 7 years has been conducting field research they have located, Indian ruins and grave yards, cliff dwellings, wrecked aircraft and cars, a concrete bunker, and an old stage coach ruin. In the paranormal realm there have been sightings of ghostly activity, UFOs, and even a missile launch from an unknown or not publicized launch platform. As far as cryptids go, they have cataloged or found evidence of jaguars, a jaguarundi, and even a possible chupacabra.

When researching the areas to be searched, local history and tales are uncovered which is not public knowledge, and the only way it is discovered is by interviewing the local people. A great example of this was two hundred graves of early laborers brought up from Mexico in the early 1900s from. There was a cholera epidemic which swept through the workers taking many of their lives. The area was wild and vehicles in this area were either a mule or horse. Generally speaking, when a person died in this area, they were buried pretty much where they dropped, and prayers were said for their body’s safe keeping. It was days of travel to the nearest civilization and burial of the diseased dead was a priority. For those who believe in ghosts, you can see how this may contribute to the forest being haunted.

UFOs—we have them. It is in Arizona that Travis Walton had his experience with an alien ship and the inhabitants inside. The event took place on Wednesday, November 5, 1975 in the Apache-Sitgreaves National forest on the east end of the Mogollon Rim near Turkey Creek. Then there was the UFO crash near Kingman Arizona in 1953 in which the crash site was immediately cleansed by the military. However, UFO's have also been spotted while doing Bigfoot researech.

To Be Continued…

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