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Bigfoot Research Sometimes Reveals More Than Bigfoot Part 2

As covered in part 1, the discussions of many discoveries have been recorded while doing Bigfoot research. Let’s face it—if you are going to beat the bushes long and hard enough, you are going to find something weird, and it may not be a Bigfoot.

In 2013, got a report of some strange activity at a remote trailer on the Mogollon Rim. The resident described the events as being very regular and usually consisted of something or someone knocking on the side of the trailer starting in the back and moving to the front knocking at regular intervals. Each time the owner would go outside to try to see what was happening, the activity would cease. Night vision game cameras were sent up around the trailer to try to capture the image of the culprit. The investigation team was hoping to capture an image of a Bigfoot or some other creature, but the results were quite unexpected.

On one end of the trailer, a house cat run was constructed to allow the cats to come out of the trailer via a cat door into the protected area. The run was constructed of chicken wire and lumber. This door was locked each night. When the knocks came, all the cats were inside the trailer. The game camera captured what appeared to be electrical discharges on the chicken wire. Not once, but on two different nights. Paranormal?

Deep in the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest a concrete bunker was located. It was very well hidden with only the entrance showing slightly. The entrance was a box with an iron door on top. Once opened, a ladder could be seen going down into a large square room It was all made out of concrete and measured approximately fifteen by fifteen and a ceiling of about twelve feet. Use, purpose, and owner is unknown. It took a major effort to haul in that much concrete and to build such a structure. Weird, but true.

It is interesting how when the videos of these events were published, the feedback was quite diverse. Since the efforts were accomplished by the team, the titles of the videos were “Bigfoot Research” and the subtitle was a short description of the event or finding. It appears if Bigfoot is listed anywhere in the title, some viewers want to see a Bigfoot in every video and it has to be perfectly focused, framed, and centered, and if that doesn’t happen, the accusations, and negative and sometimes profane feedback starts flying. It really seems a shame that all of these other discoveries mean nothing to them.

So when watching Bigfoot videos, be suspect of those video series that only show Bigfoot. There is much more out there and the results should be shared. Researchers should not have to wear “blinds” when searching for Bigfoot.

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