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Bigfoot Questions and Answers Part 5

The first question, "Will a photo of Bigfoot ever convince a skeptic?" No. When I first got into Bigfoot research, I was much like everyone else. I wanted to provide proof of their existence. However, after seeing my first Bigfoot, I decided that I was no longer in the Bigfoot proof business, but instead I wanted to learn everything I could about them. I realized I would not be able to study them if I was killing them. I no longer needed proof because I had just seen one and have now been able to not only see them again, but have managed to capture many images of them. Of course, the skeptics will not accept that and they just chock it off to optical illusions, Pareidolia, or a hoax. However, they make these judgments not having been there, they don't know the circumstances, the other witnesses, the footprints, the vocalizations and much more. They simply make a snap decision and stick to it.

The next question is, "Do I think Bigfoot have learned the behavior to avoid us? As if they think we will harm them?" The answer is of course. We have never given them anything that would indicate we are not a danger. Plus there is the natural fear of a predator that can reach out and kill from a long distance away. Each fall season hunters swarm the mountains to hunt deer, elk, moose, bear, mountain lions and more. We take on the biggest and most terrifying killers of the forest and we usually prevail. Of course, the Bigfoot would see this and learn very quickly to stay away and not even been seen by us. To be seen could mean death. After all, humans don’t even have to give chase, they just point a thunder stick, it roars, and the animal drops dead.

Then there is the habit man has always displayed about the unknown. We seem to shoot and ask questions later. This is not very conducive in developing a trusting relationship with creatures that may be very intelligent but somewhat scary to us humans. It would have to take a lot of trust building on our part to reduce the fear of us.

However, besides the fear of the number one predator in the forest (mankind), there also seems to be an enmity between Bigfoot and Humans. We are terrified of them, and they do not like us. It is almost as if it has been engrained or taught from generation to generation where it has become part of their nature, much like a religion. Did we have a falling out with the Sasquatch in ancient times? Was there a possible war or feud? Or could it possibly be they were once human and received a terrible curse in ancient times? Which made humans afraid, and the Bigfoot an outcast? Perhaps, we will know some day.

To Be Continued…

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