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Bigfoot Questions and Answers Part 4

Two hiding in the shadows
Two hiding in the shadows
Mitch Waite

Continued from Part 3, based on Bigfoot Q and A Video 1

Bigfoot question number one is: What are your thoughts on the Virginia Pictures this past weekend? Since I am a researcher and publish my findings in the social media of the internet, I get a lot of questions about other people’s work. I do not usually peruse the internet for tidbits of new information or photos. All I can do is comment on what I have seen or observed. One reason I do not pay much attention to various articles or videos is I am very busy with my own projects and research. Unless there is information along with the video, photo, or article in which I can use to better understand the Bigfoot, I do not spend much time on it. I also do not want to flavor my research on other’s findings. I would rather look for confirmation as to what I see.

On photos and videos, I usually try to give the benefit of a doubt. I do not like making snap judgments based on a single photo or video because I was not there. I do not know the circumstances of the event, nor do I have any idea of who the person may be. Were there supporting footprints, vocalizations, or observations? How many witnesses? Was there a second camera? So without supporting evidence all I can do is go on what I have observed here in Arizona. Which may not be a good comparison due to regional differences or even possible sub species. Therefore, all I can say about the Virginia sightings is that is not what I have been seeing. But it still could be a Bigfoot or a hoax. I would give them the benefit of a doubt because time will tell. Hoaxes seem to come floating to the top after time. So be patient on passing judgment. Take it for what it is worth to you, or file it away in your database in case you come across a similar looking Bigfoot.

The second question in this session is: When you finally get the video or photos of a clear full bodied Bigfoot, what are you going to do with it? My answer is pretty much what I do will all my Bigfoot Photos. I will publish them for all to see. Funny thing is, most will not believe it anyway. The only way I would hold a photo or video is if the video would give away the location or endanger the Bigfoot or its clan. There are very many out there who believe they need to kill a Bigfoot in order to prove its existence. This is the easy way out for many who cannot conceive of another way to obtain the proof. Such as a tooth plus photos/videos of the extraction. You cannot mess up the DNA on the inside of a tooth. It cannot be contaminated until it is opened. The animal does not have to be dead to get a tooth.

To Be Continued…