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Bigfoot Questions and Answers Part 1

I have been reporting on cryptozoology stories for several years as I spend time doing field research on the Mogollon Monster, Arizona’s Bigfoot. I decided seven years ago to make Bigfoot research my full time job, and this requires days, months and years of time in the forest trying to observe the elusive creature. I do not attempt to convince the skeptics of the existence of Bigfoot, because that is easily done if they decide to dedicate time and resources to find out if I am right or wrong. Instead, I try to look past the proof requirements of the skeptics and look at why dose Bigfoot do what Bigfoot does. I will leave the proof dilemma to those who feel it is necessary to bow to the skeptics and the curiosity of man. Beyond the skeptics, there is a desire and a hunger for answers to that many have witnessed in the forests around the world.

Bigfoot sightings have been experienced all over the world. We have the Yeren in China, Yeti in Tibet, Almasty in the USSR, the Yowie in Australia and so forth. In fact, the only places not reporting Bigfoot are those lands masses (islands) which have never been connected to any of the continents. Therefore, if Bigfoot is a figment of the imagination, illusion, hysteria, hypnotic suggestion, or hoax, then it is happening all over the world. Consequently, any scientist, academic, or government official that says they do not exist, needs to reassess their formation of theory. If nothing else you would think they would be concerned that so many are affected with what they could call mass hysteria. Can that many people from all across the world be that wrong?

I study the Mogollon Monster, Arizona’s version of the Bigfoot. Monster is a misnomer. But the name was given by the Boy Scouts of Camp Geronimo to a large man-like creature that invaded the camp and harassed the scouts. This occurrence happened on the Mogollon Rim in the 1950s. The rim got its name from an early Spanish explorer that discovered the edge of the Colorado Plateau which runs most of what is now Arizona from east to west. This area contains the world’s largest free standing Ponderosa Pine forest, and it has some very unique characteristics that enhances the study of Bigfoot.

Arizona? Bigfoot? Wouldn’t there be more of them in Washington, Oregon, Canada, etc.? Yes, in sheer numbers there would be more in the northwest. However, The Mogollon Rim is a strip of territory which runs east to west across the state. On the north side it is bordered by high desert, and on the south side, it is bordered by the Sonoran Desert. Neither of these areas are very hospitable or acceptable to the Bigfoot. Now that there has been some rather large forest fires on the east and west sections of the Rim, he Bigfoot has been basically cut off from migration. They are basically land locked, and the area gets smaller each year with the encroachment of man and land devastated by forest fires.

To Be Continued...

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