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Bigfoot Question and Answers Part 2

Arizona is my home, and I know it very well. I have always been an avid hunter, hiker, fisher, camper and outdoors man. I never believed in Bigfoot until about 7 years ago when I received my first encounter. Now that I think about it, I have heard of many events from the early pioneers of sightings, vocalizations, and experiences. This came to light when Finding Bigfoot did their town meeting in Payson Arizona when they were filming Season 3 episode 5. The Ox Bow Inn was filled to capacity and many were standing outside. Matt Moneymaker asked the audience how many had seen Bigfoot. The results was astonishing.

Most of the audience raised their hands. These were people with first hand experiences with the Bigfoot. Typically, the cast will ask how many seen Bigfoot, then how many have heard the Bigfoot, and the final round is those people who know someone who has seen Bigfoot. In this meeting they never got past the first question due to so many responses.

So any observer would certainly have to conclude Arizona has Sasquatch. This many witnesses in one room would have to soften any skeptic’s resolve. Were there that many in the room suffering from delusions or lying? Remember, the room was full, and the parking lot had people hoping to get in to tell of their experiences. After wards, I received many a comment on how many were not able to attend to be able to tell their experiences. The suggestion was made for the Finding Bigfoot crew should hold a town meeting in each of the towns along the Mogollon Rim. This could possibly give the crew enough material for an entire season. I believe a study like this would be truly enlightening.

Because of these experiences and my field research, I have decided to start a series of Bigfoot Question and Answers and include them in You-tube, Facebook, and any other media that would be interested. Anyone interested in Bigfoot can submit a question or state an opinion. However, the question or comment have to be free of profanity, belittling, degrading or demeaning language. It is fine to have an opposing opinion or comment, but it must be kept on a professional level. Any comments not following this criteria will be deleted.

Before we get started on the question and answers, I should explain some of my philosophies. One is I am not out to prove Bigfoot’s existence. I have done that for myself, and I am not going to try to convert any skeptics. This is something they need to go out in the field and find out for themselves. True, they may never see a Bigfoot, but they will also quickly come to the conclusion that there are possibilities and questions that may never be answered. We simply do not know everything, and it is healthy to keep an open mind.

To Be Continued...

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