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Bigfoot photo: 'Sinister figure' photographed in the woods of Scotland

A Scot councillor recently spotted a bigfoot-like shadowy figure in some woods in Perth, Scotland, while walking his dog. (Photo: Sketch of a bigfoot (sasquatch).)
Lizard King, Creative Commons

Move over, Nessie, you just might have some cryptid company, or that's the way it looks after a councillor from North Muirton, Perth, Scotland photographed a dark and shadowy figure while walking his dog in late December. As reported by Huffington Post Jan. 3, he then posted the a photo he took of the "sinister figure" to Facebook and asked others what they thought it could be.

Garry McTeague says he was out walking his dog when he spotted the figure in the woods.

According to the The Courier, which described the image as a "sinister figure," it has been dubbed the North Muirton Sasquatch.

“My dog is usually quite timid but it started going mental,” McTeague wrote on the North Muirton Community Council Facebook page where he posted the photo. "I spotted this before "it" ran off."

McTeague notes that he was able to "grab a quick snap on my phone." The photo shows what appears to be a dark hulking shape moving through some trees.

Posters on the Facebook page have speculated that the figure could be a sasquatch, or bigfoot. Some say it could be a person in a hoodie. Some say it's the "bogy man." One poster jokes that it is a reflection of the councillor himself.

Whatever the figure might be, it has the attention a few people. As for it being a sasquatch, not many in the scientific community hold out hope that such massive hominids actually exist. However, according to a Public Policy Polling poll released in April, 14 percent of Americans believe in sasquatch (or bigfoot) and another 14 percent are unsure whether the creature exists or not. And although not many examples of bigfoot seem to be found in Scotland, the northernmost nation of the United Kingdom is the home of one of the most famous cryptids ever, the Loch Ness monster, believed to possibly be a diplodocus-like aquatic beast that haunts the loch of Ness.

So, does Nessie have company? Or is the bigfoot photo just a bit of shadow-stuff and imagination?

(UPDATE: It would appear that the photo is a hoax. Councillor Garry McTeague was having a bit of fun with his followers on Facebook and slipped one by The Courier as well.)

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