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Bigfoot photo hoax: Scotland's sasquatch appears to be from Pennsylvania

It would appear that a purported bigfoot photo posted to Facebook by a Scottish councillor was a hoax, although it is as yet uncertain what the motive for the prank might be. The photo, which was supposedly shot by Garry McTeague while walking his dog was not taken by the man himself, as was reported by a Scot news tabloid, The Courier, and circulated by other media outlets, including Huffington Post UK (Jan. 3) and Examiner (Jan. 5). In fact, the photo wasn't even taken in Scotland. It was taken in Pennsylvania.

And that story became the center of a suspected bigfoot hoax as well...

To explain: The Courier reported on the last day of December that North Muirton, Perth, councillor Garry McTeague had snapped a photo of a "sinister figure" (the tabloid's description), then posted it to the North Muirton Community Council Facebook page, asking followers what they thought it might be. McTeague even wrote that when he took the photo, his dog had gone "mental."

He wrote: "My dog that's usually timid starting going mental. I spotted this before "it" ran off. I was crapping myself tbh but managed to grab a quick snap on my phone. It didn't look much but when I got home and blew it up on the computer I spotted this. I've circled it in red so you know what I'm getting at. Anyone else seen/know what this is?"

But a quick look on the Internet when googling the term "bigfoot" would have yielded an interesting find. Among the first images of the hairy man-thing that is commonly referred to as bigfoot or sasquatch can be found McTeague's "it" that he claims to have photographed. That particular "it" can be traced back to a story from October (per KDKA in Pittsburgh) where a Bradford, Pa., man hiking through the woods of the Kinzua State Park when he took the photo of the shaggy man-thing walking through the trees.

And that image also had an enlarged inset of the presumed bigfoot circled in red.

Stoneman would later say he saw two moving shapes, but an anonymous tipster to Huffington Post Weird News would make the hiker's story suspect. The tipster provided a photo of what looks like the same shadowy figure, only from a different angle, and said that Stoneman's photo was of an uprooted tree, that the Pennsylvania bigfoot (or both sasquatches) was a hoax.

McTeague, it would seem, could be quite the joker -- not to mention a hoax perpetuator.

In fact, if one scans down the comment section far enough on the North Muirton Community Council Facebook page, one can see where posters not only call McTeague out for posting a google image, one poster even calls out The Courier for its gullibility.

And McTeague? After one commenter suggested he should have put the photo up for April Fool's Day, he wrote, "*spitting my drink out with laughter *".

It would appear Garry McTeague knew exactly what he was doing when he fabricated his dog-walking story and posted the bigfoot photo.

The Courier likely won't find the hoax as amusing...

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