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Bigfoot is touring the country

Rick Dyer is finally displaying what he says is the real deal. He claims that the eight foot body that he is touring with is a real male Bigfoot, which he has named “Hank.” He claims to have killed the Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas in 2012. This is why he is starting his tour in San Antonio, Texas this week.

The face of the Sasquatch
Rick Dyer

The “master tracker” as he calls himself is traveling around the country with two other Bigfoot hunters in a forty-foot coach bus. His first stop is today, Wednesday February 19, 2014 outside of a Home Depot in San Antonio, Texas. The real opening event is going to be outside a movie theatre in San Antonio, Texas.

The Bigfoot showing at the movie theatre is going to be on Thursday, February 20th. Rick Dyer and his Bigfooting crew will be outside the theatre showing the corpse while a movie about the beast will be playing inside. From here they plan on traveling around the country to display the Sasquatch. Adult tickets are $10 while children tickets are $5.
It seems a bit odd that the first stop to reveal this highly sought after creature that has allured people for many years is in the parking lot of a home depot. It also seems odd that he is only charging the people $5-$10 to see the Sasquatch. If this is really a Bigfoot corpse and not another rubber suit like Rick Dyer tried to pass as being a real Bigfoot in 2008, then it should be in a museum showcase or somewhere that can be seen by the millions of people that are going to want to see it.

It is also baffling that there is absolutely no evidence that this Bigfoot is in fact real. The television show “$10 million Bigfoot Bounty” just ended its first season. Every episode the Bigfoot hunters had to submit evidence of a Sasquatch. DNA tests were done on single hairs, scat, and even the blood inside mosquitoes during their hunts. If Rick Dyer actually had a real Bigfoot, it would be all over the news around the world. People would forget that the Winter Olympics were even going on right now because the news of a Sasquatch would take over media. All that science is asking from Rick Dyer is evidence more than just viewing something that is in a glass case in a home depot parking lot.

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