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Bigfoot hunter: Rick Dyer post pics of dead Bigfoot he claims to have shot

Is this really a Bigfoot?
Is this really a Bigfoot?

Rick Dyer is a man that claims to be a professional Bigfoot hunter, and now he had the chance to finally prove it. reported on Jan. 6, 2014, that Dyer has not only killed a Bigfoot, but he posted pics online to prove that he shot one over a year ago.

"Bigfoot is 100 percent real – there's no question about that," Dyer told

Dyer has said that he is a Bigfoot hunter that goes out searching and hunting for the so-called mythical creatures, and actually got one back in Sept. of 2012. He says that the kill came in a wooded area of California near Loop 1604 and Highway 151.

There was no real evidence except for a shoddy home video to prove that he shot Bigfoot. The video was even included in a documentary called "Shooting Bigfoot."

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Numerous investors of the Bigfoot hunter started being skeptical of Dyer's claims. This past week, he told KSAT that he was able to reclaim the body and he even released a photo on his website of the creature he reportedly shot and killed.

"Every test that you can possibly imagine was performed on this body -- from DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans," Dyer told KSAT. "It is the real deal. It's Bigfoot and Bigfoot's here, and I shot it and now I'm proving it to the world."

In the past 24 hours, Dyer's website, has been taken offline.

Dyer plans to tour North America with the body and proclaim himself as the Bigfoot hunter that was able to catch one. He plans to charge a fee for people to view the body.

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