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Bigfoot hunter photo: Dead Bigfoot body going on tour as 'proof'

The Bigfoot hunter and photo of Bigfoot are still in the news today after tons of curiosity surrounded the story earlier this week. As previously reported, a man named Rick Dyer claims that he shot and killed Bigfoot and he even provided a photo as proof. If that wasn't enough, Dyer brought in over 100 people to check out the dead carcass -- and now he says he's bringing it on tour.

The tour will span the U.S., Mexico, and Canada and will allow people to see the body of "Bigfoot" -- for a price. After running several DNA tests, Dyer says that he does, in fact, have the body of a Sasquatch and he believes that if people actually see the body in person, they will know it's the real deal.

The Bigfoot hunter's photo looks scary and really strange which is why some people are curious to know if it's legit. Of course if you don't believe in this sort of thing, you know it's not. But then there's always that little voice that says "But what if it is?" Which is what Dyer is banking on -- literally. It's unclear how much money he intends to charge people but he might just get rich off of this tour.

Before heading out on the road, Dyer says that he will hold a press conference where the full body of "Bigfoot" will be displayed. He will also provide the public with the test results he obtained.

More on Bigfoot and the hunter photo everyone is talking about in the video above.

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