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Bigfoot hunter claims he's killed a Bigfoot: Releases picture and video as proof

A Bigfoot body would be the ultimate evidence that this species really does exist and that is what one Bigfoot hunter from Texas is claiming he has today. The hunter claims that he has the body of a Bigfoot as proof that they do exist. Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer claims he killed the beast and he is taking his story, along with the picture above of his deceased Bigfoot, to just about any media outlet that will listen, according to the Huntington Post on Jan. 5.

Bigfoot hunter claims to have killed a Bigfoot and released this picture as proof, looks a bit like "Old-Man-Winter!{

As you can see in the picture above, the dead Bigfoot looks almost like Old-Man-Winter, that mythical character that blows in the cold season. Critics are saying the dead Bigfoot looks an awful lot like a character from the movie “The Lord of the Rings.” Shooting Bigfoot comes along with a big-game story from Dyer, whose been hunting these creatures for decades.

During a recent interview, Dyer claims his Bigfoot pictures and video of the dead creature are real and he plans to go down in history as the "best Bigfoot tracker in the world." Dyer shared how he baiting Bigfoot to come out of the woods by nailing pork ribs to a tree down the street. Dyer waited and “low and behold” out comes the monster for a snack. Dyer claims he then took out his cell phone and videoed the creature eating.

Apparently that was Bigfoot’s last supper because when he returned from his meal Dyer claims he shot him then moved the body to an “undisclosed location.” The Bigfoot hunter claims he’s done everything from DNA testing to 3-D scans on the body and the beast is “the real deal.” The problem here is that no one has seen those tests, or the body of the dead creature for that matter.

Unfortunately this story is a bit too similar to a story that Dyer told in 2008. He and an associate claimed to have a Bigfoot body, but it turned out to be a hoax and the deceased Bigfoot was nothing more than a rubber suit.

Dyer claims that he’ll introduce those tests to the public soon at a press conference, as the Huffington Post suggests, “Let’s not hold our collective breath.”

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