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Bigfoot hair samples tested: Did DNA reveal any key creature discoveries?

Will legitimate proof of Bigfoot ever be found?
Photo by Plazak via Wikimedia Commons

DNA testing of supposed Bigfoot hair samples appear to be putting a dent in the fun in the search for the creature. People have spent years searching and analyzing supposed finds, but now results from DNA testing of more than 30 hair samples indicate findings that will be disappointing to many.

According to Fox News, researchers at the Lausanne Museum of Zoology and Oxford University called for samples that were supposedly Bigfoot hair samples. Bryan Sykes from Oxford says, “I thought there was about a 5 percent chance of finding a sample from a Neanderthal or (a Yeti),” and samples from around the world were tested. Did they find anything exciting? Not so much.

Most of the Bigfoot hair samples turned out to be from bears, but a few came from humans, sheep, deer, horses, porcupine or a tapir. Granted Sykes does admit that this analysis doesn't prove that Bigfoot or the Yeti doesn't exist. Rather, it just proves that none of the samples they were sent belonged to the supposed creature.

Apparently two of the samples were a bit interesting, as they came from ancient polar bears. However, the hairs were found in areas where polar bears have not been known to live. That may indicate there is a hybrid or new type of bear species somewhere out there.

Even if Bigfoot hair samples were to surface, most experts say they would need something more than a random hair strand to believe the creature is for real. Will that ever come about? The search continues, just as it does for the Loch Ness Monster as well. Those who believe these creatures exist aren't about to give up the search, that much is clear.

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