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Bigfoot, Ghosts, Or UFOs-Investigation Continues Show Low, Arizona

The on-going Investigation Into The Paranormal Near Show Low, Arizona continues. The first investigation took place in October 2013, and I was called to investigate the strange knocking on the side of a 27 foot aluminum trailer parked in a remote parcel of land. Initially we were hoping it could be a Bigfoot event. I responded with game cameras to capture an image of the culprit. Our game cameras did not catch any creatures, but we got some very interesting footage of the chicken wire used to enclose a cat run allowing the house cats to go outside without fear of coyotes. The chicken wire lit up in spots with some kind of plasma discharge. Viewers of the videos also reported seeing distorted face reflections in the metal skin of the trailer.

The investigations have continued. And one was conducted during April, 2014. On the night of 9 April, some interesting events took place. At first the night started out quiet. Game cameras where set up outside in key positions around the trailer. Mirrors were set in the trailer windows to allow viewing of all sides of the trailer.

A low grumbling sound was heard, and it was shortly followed by a thump on the side of the trailer at 9:45 PM. The thump sounded as if the trailer was struck by a stick. However, all trees had been cleared from around the trailer, and there are no grid power lines in the area. Solar power is the power source.

Low voices could be heard near the back of the trailer, and then movement around the front trailer window followed. It was not necessary for me to leave the safety of the trailer because of my game cameras and the mirrors I had installed. I figured any intruder would be cought on video.

The thumps and voices continued on the side of the trailer for nearly an hour. Eventually, the activity moved to the front side of the trailer, and the door in particular. It sounded as if something was looking for access into the trailer. I got up to take a peek out the windows, but I could see nothing.

A short time later, as I was typing on the computer, the web cam started picking up a strange static sound along with some base sounding burps. As the wiry sound got more prevalent, the base sound became more frequent. It almost sounded like some type of code. This was the beginning of what I considered non-Bigfoot behavior. I was perhaps dealing with other forces, or maybe a multiple event.

To Be Continued…

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