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Bigfoot 'Exists' in New Trailer from Director of 'The Blair Witch Project'

Exists opens October 24th

This past weekend saw the BBC premiere of the new paranormal series Intruders, which has been stirring up a lot of buzz amongst fans of The X-files. The first episode was directed by Eduardo Sanchez, the guy who stirred up the "found footage" crazy years ago with The Blair Witch Project. He's kept plenty busy since but never on anything with the impact of 'Blair Witch', but he's received some pretty good festival buzz for his latest horror, Exists, which explores the legend of Bigfoot.

The new trailer for Exists seems to follow the familiar template; curious and horny youngsters venture into a place they have no business going, only to wind up hunted by a supernatural force. In this case the force of nature is the Sasquatch of legend and it proves to be more than just another folk tale. One of the aspect of 'Blair Witch' that worked so well was that we never saw what was terrorizing the victims, but Sanchez has chosen to go in another direction in this film even if all we see of Bigfoot is a blur.

Exists opens in theaters and Itunes on October 24th.

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