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Bigfoot and UFOs, Part 2

Notice the bloody nose.
Notice the bloody nose.
Mitch Waite

In part 1, we discussed UFOs, aliens and Bigfoot. As stated before, it is not likely the two are related, and the question of Bigfoot being a pet of the aliens was also discussed. It is just as likely that humans were escaped pets from the aliens as the Bigfoot. In fact some state that mankind was planted here on this earth by the aliens as some type of terra-forming experiment. Going back to my Military days, I do not believe this is true, because the alien documentation I worked with show the aliens to be very much like us. Some UFO enthusiasts know them as the Nordics. I have not seen or heard of any documentation of hairy creatures being brought to this earth.

As a Cryptozoologist I have been studying the Bigfoot. This is very hard to do because Bigfoot does not like to cooperate, and information about them is not well known. There are very many who profess to be experts, but their knowledge of such creatures are mostly opinion or anicdotal. When I first started studying the Bigfoot I read everything I could find and I soon realized that much of the material was incorrect. The opinions varied, and no one had any strong proof. Therefore, I started my own field research, and tried to capture everything on video or in photos. I ran many game cameras for several years trying to capture an image of the illusive Bigfoot.

On one particular day, I retrieved my cameras and found a surprise. The camera had taken two pictures of a creature pulling/playing with the camera which was hung eight feet up in a pine tree. This particular creature had very primate like features, and had hands that looked much like a Bonobo Chimp. If this creature was a Bigfoot, then it had to be a young one because it was looking and reaching up towards the camera when the face shot was taken. In this face shot, it was very evident this little guy had a bloody nose. It was assumed that the creature had been pulling on the camera and slipped causing his nose to be hit by either his hand or the tree. In either case, the creature was bleeding.

This means the creature was flesh and blood. It was just as solid as a human being and could be hurt. The small cryptid was not a spiritual being but physical. This means the physical body could not pass from the Spiritual realm to the physical (or the other way) without some kind of molecular transformation.

To Be Continued.