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Bigfoot and Missing People In Our Forests?

Since the publication of the book “Missing 411” by David Paulides was published, I have been asked many times about what could have possibly happened to those people in the forests who vanished. In some cases, those who went missing emerged again alive, but how they got to where they were found is still an astonishing mystery. Yes, is some cases, people have probably been the victims of foul play, or they could have had an accident, or even desired to disappear to start a new life.

Why ask me? It is probably due to my studies in Cryptozoology, and I specialize in the Mogollon Monster, Arizona’s Bigfoot. Many ask if Bigfoot may be abducting humans for various reasons. One reason may be to use them as food, and another reason may be out of curiosity. However, there could be a third reason. They need mates.

A National Bigfoot Face Database has been established to collect all the Squatch-blobs, optical illusions, and possible Bigfoot faces. The whole idea was to watch for matching the same creature that show up more than one time or in a different place. Each time this happens, the probability of the creature actually existing becomes a higher probability. Matching creatures have begun to emerge.

Several of these cryptids with matching photos show very human like facial characteristics, but the body is covered with hair, and they are very large in stature, at least in the adult state. These creatures are very intelligent, and can manage to stay undetected in the forest by most humans. But, technology and persistence is starting to shed some light on our hairy friends.

Several DNA studies have been conducted on possible Bigfoot samples by both research organizations and individual researchers. However, this is not as easy as the public may think. The first obstacle is finding a laboratory to do the testing. Most will not accept the sample for animal species identification unless it is being done for law enforcement, academics or you provide them with oodles of money. Mention Bigfoot, and you will probably be thrown out on your ear, figuratively speaking.

The second obstacle will be the price and available results. Five hundred dollars will get you in the door of a few labs for animal species identification. All this testing will tell you will be whether it is a known animal or unknown. Two other results are common. The first is the report will show the test is invalid due to human contamination, and the second will be ”inconclusive” Basically your results will read “Animal Species Unknown” at best. The reason for this is that there is NO Bigfoot DNA on file nationally or globally. There is basically nothing to compare to establish an identity. But not all is lost, the battle to correct this problem is being waged today.

To Be Continued....

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