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Bigfoot and Missing People In Our Forests, Part 4

Referring back to the Bigfoot Face Database, there is one high probability face that keeps appearing. It seems to be a female, and it is not a feral human/homeless person. She is very large, stout and has a hairy body. There is another face that keeps appearing near or in the same area which seems to be a child with a hairless face, but is also covered in body hair. There also seems to be a father who has a hairless face, but has not been photographed as often.

The comments on these photographs are normally “Too Human”. This goes along with many Bigfoot reports which state there are very many people who have had a Bigfoot in the sights of their gun. They couldn’t pull the trigger because the Bigfoot was too human.

A further comment about the Bigfoot Face Database, there have been a couple of recurring faces that are very primitive and have facial hair with the typical cone shaped head. In fact, the majority of faces show very primitive features.

These photos have prompted some interesting questions from viewers. One question peaked my interest. The question was, “Do you think these more human featured Bigfoot could be the results of missing people in our national forests?” It was followed up with a second question, “Could Bigfoot breed with humans?”

Could it be the more human featured Bigfoot is actually descendants of adopted, lost/abandoned, abducted, or stolen humans? Could this explain the curiosity Bigfoot has been reported to have for human women and children?

Since all of the human faced Bigfoot photos indicate large stature and body hair, indications are these are not current humans, but are probably a generation or two down the family tree. The DNA studies seem to indicate they could successfully breed with humans; after all they seem to be our cousins at least once or twice removed from ancient times.

The point being, science seems to be indicating Homo sapiens (humans) can, did, and will breed with Hominine species and Bigfoot can, did and will do the same with humans. Now don’t get me wrong, this does not mean Bigfoot is abducting humans on a regular basis, but all it would take is a few cases to alter the gene pool to where human characteristics would begin to manifest more regularly. Perhaps, it would even skip a generation or two.

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