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Bigfoot and Missing People In Our Forests? Part 3

In Part 1 of this series the book Missing 411 was introduced, and how it pointed out that humans have been disappearing in our National Parks and Forests. It should be pointed out these types of events do happen quite often, but the book addresses special cases some of which investigative agencies could not solve the case. Other cases involve people disappearing in one place and being found in near impossible locations or vast distances away from their disappearence. Many time the weather should have subdued any person in the outdoors under the existing conditions.

In Part 2 of this series the foundation if possilbe explainations was laid by discussing the current status of Bigfoot DNA studies and other studies which seem to indicate Bigfoot is a hybrid human. These studies are gaining in acceptance in the scientific field reguardless of the resistance of such a new radical study may present. Now we find that other Hominine species played a part in our Human evolution. Is it so hard to accept that if Neanderthal bred with our modern ancestors, another Hominine could also do the same? It may also be that Devonians were also breeding with Homo sapiens. However, there is not much data on how successful that was, or exactly who they were. If this is all scientifically proven, then Bigfoot being a split in our species should not be all that hard to swallow.

Besides DNA, Anthropology, and Archeology, is there any other source of information we can correlate to the situation? Yes, but a lot of people do not like to reference the Bible. It is our oldest public written account of early man’s history. You can choose to accept it or not. There accounts within the scriptures of several people who could be the father of the Bigfoot race. Whoa! That might shock some Christians!

Within the Old Testament there are accounts of giants in the land. It is mentioned in several places. King Og and Goliath were two who were specifically mentioned. If I remember right they were related. Then there is the account of Esau and Jacob. Esau was a very hairy man. So hairy that Jacob had to wear a sheep skin with wool to fool his father into giving him a birthright blessing. But, this is no indication that a new race was formed from Esau.

The two names in the Old Testament that are compelling are Cain and Lemech. Of course Cain killed his brother, Able (the first known murder), and God cursed him and put a mark upon him. Lemech was even a worse sinner and he too was cursed. Both of these individuals had normal human wives and they had children. Is it possible God changed the genetics on one or both of these individuals? Both avoided normal humans for fear they would be killed on sight. This event took place sometime after Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, which would make Cain and Lemich’s possible Bigfoot children (species somewhat younger than the Homo sapiens appearance). Remember, in the Old Testament, people lived for almost a thousand years.

To Be Continued...

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