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Bigfoot and Missing People In Our Forests? Part 2

One of the most well known Bigfoot DNA studies was accomplished by a group of scientists led by Dr. Melba Ketchum. This five year study took samples of possible Bigfoot and tested them. They were able to come up with 111 high probability samples in which they were able to complete 3 genome strings. Whether or not you believe the results is up to you, but they do provide some interesting perspective as to why Bigfoot does what Bigfoot does. Why are they curious about human women and children? Why do they build structures that do not provide shelter? Why do they hide from man?

Dr Ketchum’s group had the moxie to present the results of the study to the world and was totally beaten down for it. The report showed the Mitochondrial DNA was Homo sapiens while the Nuclear DNA was an unknown Hominine (like Neanderthal, but unknown). The report states the Bigfoot species is somewhat younger than Homo sapiens. Speaking of the beginnings, DNA studies also have determined that the Homo sapien race began with one man and one woman. Science has been looking for the “Missing Link” that would tie man to primate, but it is not there. Who was that man and woman?

It is interesting to note that more and more Doctors/scientists are reviewing the report and find no problem with the science, but many have some major heart burn over the wording and conclusions of the report. Many tried to discount the study by claiming it also had opossum DNA and other animals too. However, this is possible in what they call Junk DNA. This is DNA that does not define who or what you are and we all have it. Good news is there is a growing effort to extablish a world wide Bigfoot DNA database.

Therefore, if Dr Ketchum’s group study is correct, then Bigfoot is basically our long lost cousins. This is not so hard to accept when you consider the recent DNA studies on Neanderthal and Devonians. Remember, they are Hominines, and we now know that most Caucasians have Neanderthal DNA within them. For a long time the theory was that Neanderthal was wiped out by Homo sapiens, but due to DNA studies, we learn that they were bred out. Their gene pool was overwhelmed by Homo sapiens genes, and their caveman characteristics were swallowed up in modern man.

To Be Continued.....

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