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Big Viking Games officially launches YoWorld

Photo courtesy of Big Viking Games, used with permission
Photo courtesy of Big Viking Games, used with permission
Big Viking Games/Press Kit

The day that thousands of YoVille players have worked and prayed for has finally arrived. On Monday Zynga officially transferred YoVille and its players to Big Viking Games as a result of a deal that took nearly five months to complete. On Tuesday announced that the transferred from YoVille to YoWorld was complete, and that YoWorld is live for the first time ever on Facebook.

This change-over comes as a result of an announcement that came in January when Zynga told the YoVille community they planned to sunset the game at the end of March. Players were both sadden and outraged at the thought of losing the game they had played, loved, and invested time and money into for five years, so they began seeking help to save YoVille. Some players turned to the officials at Big Viking Games knowing they created the game and sold it to Zynga years ago.

After receiving hundreds of pleas, Big Viking Games announced they would be interested in purchasing YoVille, and opened the door for Zynga to reach out to them. In February, Zynga and the YoVille team announced that talks had begun with Big Viking games, and the waiting game began.

In April YoVille players received the news they had been hoping for; Zynga and Big Viking Games had reached a deal, and YoVille would soon be changing hands. Not only that, but all their game data would transfer with them when YoVille changed-over to YoWorld.

On May 12, YoVille went offline, and just about 24-hours later YoWorld made its debut. Of course as with any major change there have been hiccups in the process. Some players have reported difficulty logging into the game, while others have complained about missing items, but overall most players are just overjoyed that their beloved game has been saved.