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Big Viking Games 'cautiously optimistic' about YoVille purchase

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According to an article published by Forbes on Jan. 28 officials at Big Viking Games are in talks with Zynga to reacquire YoVille, one of Zynga's oldest games, and are “cautiously optimistic about a positive outcome.”

Forbes reports that YoVille players reached out to Big Viking Games in the hours and days after Zynga announced plans to sunset the game, which was launched in 2008 by Tall Tree Games (now Big Viking Games), on March 31. Co-founders of Big Viking Games Albert Lai and Greg Thompson say they didn't have plans to try to purchase YoVille back from Zynga, but the outcry from the game's loyal players made them want to try.

Lai and Thompson explained their focus will not be on growing YoVille, but they will instead focus on restoring the game to its former glory by re-enabling old features that were disabled by Zynga along the way. Big Viking Games says they hope to stabilize the game, then and only then will they work to grow the game.

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