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Big Tone, big things, big time!

This week’s MySpace Featured Artist is none other than Detroit’s own Big Tone!!!
I’d like you to go ahead and click on the link and take a listen to his new album.
So now let’s talk about it! Those in the loop know exactly who Big Tone is, with his debut on J Dilla’s Welcome to Detroit, Tone is back with his sophomore effort following his first effort (The Drought /ABB Records.) The Art of Ink is Big Tone’s second masterpiece, and what a piece of work it is. I was lucky enough to be the first person to get my hands on the album and I haven’t stopped rockin’ it since.  This CD has been my musical savior, it's restored my faith in music and it's giving me hope for what's to come. Yeah it's that good.
The Art of Ink LP is Tone’s tribute to the love and gift he has for songwriting. Unlike any of Big Tone’s previous releases comprised of freestyle and memorized poems, The Art of Ink LP is the first collection of songs all stemming from Tone’s actual writings (hence the name, The Art of Ink). Inspired by Big Tone’s passion for the art of emceeing, the album is highlighted by some of today’s most notable lyricists from Blu, Guilty Simpson, Ta’raach and contributions from Grammy award winner Dwele. Tone’s constant drive to provide a message to the music lead to the tattoo based theme of the project. “Hip-hop and tattoos may seem to be just skin deep to those who haven’t been touched by them, but for those of us who have, they’ve touched our souls” says Tone. With the knack to create music with visual and graphic views on life, love, struggle and pain, Tone draws comparisons to that of a tattoo artist’s ability to capture innermost thoughts on the canvas of the soul. Along with Los Angeles-based Tres Records, The Art of Ink LP is being backed by an imprint that is familiarizing the world with some of hip-hop’s most relevant voices. From Giant Panda, C.R.A.C, to Johnson and Johnson, Tres has been at the reigns of successful releases throughout 2008. 
We'll talk more about it later, but a little birdie told me that Big Tone will be hosting The Art of Ink listening party on April 21 @ TV Bar in Detroit.
The Art Of Ink, 3/31 on Itunes, 4/21 on CD!!!
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