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Big Texas toy run this saturday December 14th

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The Big Texas Toy Run, (touted to be the biggest in the world), will be riding into Arlington from staging areas in Dallas and Ft Worth this Saturday, Dec 14th. For details go to

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My husband, Snoopy and I have been part of the Steering Comity of this toy run for close to 20 years and we still marvel at the thousands of motorcyclists and bikers that show up to participate in this phenomenon. Also, hundreds of families stand on the overpasses of Interstate30 so their children can wave at the hoards of motorcyclists. The bikers wave back because they all have soft spots in their hearts for kids.

OK, I know some of you are wondering why I used the term “Motorcyclists and Bikers” in the above paragraph so I’ll tell you the way I see it. You don’t have to agree with me.

Motorcyclists choose their rides for comfort, show or status. Most of them are week-end warriors and once winter sets in, their motorcycles are stored away until spring.

As for Bikers, riding IS their lifestyle. They ride; rain or shine and the more miles they ride will just allow them to see this great country of ours from their saddles. The sensation is much different than seeing it from inside a cage (automobile).

Now back to Toy Run details . . . Snoopy describes it this way:

Real bikers don’t care if it’s sunny or snowy; nothing, nothing will stop them from bringing the toys to the kids who want and NEED them! I’ve seen over 7,000 people show up in Arlington when it was cold and pouring down rain! So don’t talk down about “those skuzzy bikers” until you’ve ridden a few hundred miles or days with them and see who and what they are really all about.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he’ll be at Lone Star Park this Saturday the 14th. The weather last weekend caused a lot of Toy Runs to be postponed until the 14th. Don’t worry . . . be happy. All of these runs need to be supported. We will be, and are supportive of other runs gathering toys and people together to take care of the less fortunate.

Some of us will be at Lone Star Park this Friday to start setting up our big vendors. Be praying we don’t get soaked like last year. We will also be getting our big stage set. A lot of work goes into setting up these runs that John Q Public never sees. It never hurts to say “thank you” to any of the Volunteers. You don’t see us squeezing that nickel till it screams so we can pay thousands of dollars for just the Police Escorts’ that are required to ride with the two huge packs of motorcycles traversing from Dallas and Ft Worth.

You don’t see the ones who show up early so sick they can barely move! It takes all kinds to make this work. We’re always hoping that a small percentage of the ones who ride up on their $50,000 plus bikes who throw the toys in and leave will see the higher purpose and get down in the trenches with us common folk. Please. It takes a village to raise a child, the rich and the farmer!

Come see us in Dallas or Ft. Worth and ride with the pack to Lone Star Park or come on out after 10:00 am and hang with us. Either way, just get up off it and make a difference for a special needs child.

Oh! If you see those motorcyclists who tie extra large toys on their bikes to look cool and then never bring them in for the children . . . I’d like to say . . . ”Cut the show toy off your motorcycle and bring it in to the kids”.