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Big Ten expansion: Does Notre Dame join Big Ten and where does Iowa State fall?


  • Shorty99 6 years ago

    I don't see Notre Dame going anywhere. They stay put and the Big 10 decides how big they want to be and add five teams.

  • uniisufan 6 years ago

    ISU may become the "bully" of the Missouri Valley Conference

  • Straight Talk Hawk 6 years ago

    ISU in the Mid America Conference? It is the conference that the ISU budget fits, and travel wouldn't be prohibitive. But it's a crying shame if they don't stay in the Big 12, since they were in the Big Six, etc., since Christ was a boy. But the Big 12 was thrown together and has never felt right. Why don't Culver, Grassley, and Harkin try to get Iowa State into the Big 10/11 with Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Kansas State? Forget about adding eastern teams--they won't bring in eastern tv sets anyway.

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