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Big techs in trouble: Microsoft and Amazon

Two stories in the tech business produce a common lesson: tend to your own knitting. In the instance of Microsoft, Bill Gates has lamented publicly on many occasions that his shortcoming is his lack of creative invention, unlike Steve Jobs, for instance. Gates is an excellent CEO and manager, but as for product developer and inventor, he comes up short. Windows 8 was a disaster from which the company lost huge market potential, and from which it won’t recover. Microsoft may have comfort in its business base, but that comfort zone may be an illusion, awaiting another genius to topple the empire. Speaking of which, another genius of sort is Jeff Bezos. Bezos lost $2 billion in a day after pitching the market on his idea to make some of its own deliveries instead of using commercial alternatives as it has in the past. The idea was to speed service to customers, but that took a bite from profits, without assurance that increased market share would offset the investment.

Jeff Bezos loses $2 billion
Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Bezos bit off The Washington Post too this past year at a time when “papers” and e-papers are doing well at all. Needed is dramatic invention that will rescue intellectual property producers that are serving vast publics that are accustomed to not paying for the product as advertisers must pick up the cost. Advertisers have many choices and the burden of delivering products with superior customer satisfaction is very high.

“Microsoft on mission to save Windows, but may not succeed

Javed Anwer,TNN | Apr 25, 2014, 02.19 PM IST

NEW DELHI: When Microsoft's newly-crowned CEO Satya Nadella came on the stage at BUILD 2014, the company's annual event a few weeks ago, he was asked why developers should create apps for Windows platform. The question was a telling example of how much Windows has slipped. In the good old days there were no qualms about developing for Windows. For developers looking to strike rich, it was the only viable platform.”

Jeff Bezos Loses $2.8 Billion In A Day AMZN -9.9% was chipper late Thursday about its first-quarter earnings report.
On Friday, Wall Street offered its view about the results and the outlook. It wasn’t pretty. Especially for founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

The shares fell 9.9% to $303.83, their lowest close since Oct. 9, when they finished at $298.23. The percentage loss was its largest since Jan. 31, when the shares fell 11% after revenue and profits missed forecasts.”

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