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Big surprise: Todd Starnes is still a fraud

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It happened again, ladies and gentlemen. On March 1, 2014, Todd Starnes was caught flat out lying about a supposed incident of Christian persecution within the school system yet again.

This time, Starnes claims a little girl at Carillon Elementary School in Oviedo, Florida that she was told by her "lunchroom teacher" not to pray before eating her lunch.

Marcos Perez, of Oviedo, Fla., said the incident occurred earlier this month in the lunch room at Carillon Elementary School.

He said his daughter was sitting at a table about to eat when she bowed her head and began to pray.
"A teacher saw her and told her, 'you're not allowed to do that,'" he said.

Perez said his little girl replied, "But it's good to pray." The teacher alleged replied, "It's not good."

He said his daughter tried to pray once more but was admonished by the teacher. The child was not formally punished, he said.

Starnes must have been holding onto hope, not only that this would finally be the school that would not release a statement denying the claims made by Starnes, but also that nobody would notice (as the Orlando Sentinel did) that Marcos Perez is the vice president of sales at Charisma House, the company currently promoting "God Less America: Real Stories from the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values," by Todd Starnes.

Apparently, despite having been caught red handed every time he pulled this crap before, Starnes decided his steady stream of obviously fraudulent crap was not obviously fraudulent enough.



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