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Big San Diego event at Waterfront Park opening

San DIegans take their early Waterfront Park steps at south fountain.
San DIegans take their early Waterfront Park steps at south fountain.
Adam Benjamin

Civic greens built to let in up to 7,000 park visitors off the Harbor Drive waterfront turned into a center of San Diego outdoor life on Saturday, May 10th. The Waterfront Park visitors played with balls, and open space sized puzzles, on the south lawn, while familes watched their childrren slide down the big slide at the playground mound, across the running fountain reflecting pool.

Ada Benjamin
Ada Benjamin
Supervisor Ron ROberts gets San DIegans ready to use the open space in the new Waterfront Park. Saturday, May 10, 2014.

Locals flocked to the 2014 grand opening event. At 10 am, the park opened. On the city administration building steps, early, at the 10:30 am ribbon cutting ceremony, SUpervisor Ron ROberts welcomed San Diegans to the park on the downtown waterfront he took the lead on making a world class San Diego landmark. The Southern California city's plan for a north embarcadero opened up to visitors by wide crossings to the waterfront harbor took its first big step forward.

Count Mayor Kevin Faulconer among the local officials who joined a speaker from the Roosevelt family who had took the public stage since President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to town to celebrate a new county building in 1938.

Park life peaked early following the ribbon cutting. Walking San DIegans filled the promenade that runs north end to south end along the fountains, past the county building's back steps. Fountain water sprayed over the top of the walk-in reflecting pools came down on top of the dozens who stood, and played, in the water, and sprinkled their toes.

Just a one-time first day for the two water fountains that span two football fields.

Bicycles jammed in all the racks on the southwest corner bike racks by late morning. The crowds on the civic greens found their pieces of cool grass near the bay waterfront. Especially, on the north lawn the main stage attracted those who wanted to law down a blanket.

The morning setup at the beer garden in the park gardens, and the afternoon band prep on the main stage, staged the park places for the events planned for the evening's social gatherings. Through the mid-day hours, San Diegans soaked up the bay sun. The first visitors at Waterfront Park to enjoy the uncomparable local outdoor life.

See a video of Ron ROberts' speech on Facebook.

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