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Big River Plantation: A home away from home and not far from Memphis

Big River Plantation - Buster Lake
Big River Plantation - Buster Lake
Gerry Glenn Jones

If you are like this writer and need to get away from the daily grind on occasion, a great place to invest in a lot is the Big River Plantation at Savannah, Tennessee. It is a private gated community that is situated between the Tennessee River, Indian Creek and Lake Buster. Each of these bodies of water are known for great fishing and the Tennessee River provides a setting for all types of water sports and recreation.

B.F. Terry - Founder of Big River Plantation Resort
Gerry Glenn Jones

This writer heard about the resort from other friends in the Memphis metropolitan area who purchased lots there. After a drive up to Savannah, it was love at first sight. The resort is located approximately 16 miles north of Savannah, but has city water. The view there is fantastic, with the Tennessee River bordering the west side, Indian Creek flowing into the Tennessee River on the northern side and Buster Lake in the eastern section of the resort. The resort was founded by B.F.Terry and has a big sign honoring him near the river.

There are a variety of different lots on the property, with different price ranges. There are lots overlooking the Tennessee River, lots on Indian Creek and lots of Buster Lake. Some of the lots are located at points where all three water sources are visible. Some of the lots already have water and/or electricity on them, while some do not.

The resort is governed by a land owners association, with members paying a small yearly fee. Membership fees pay for many of the activities that are scheduled at the commons area. One of these activities is the Forth of July fireworks display and parade. Also a band is scheduled to perform at the event.

The property has a boat ramp and dock on the river, which is accessible to all members. There is even a nice playground for children. A short boat ride south from Big River Plantation Resort, is the town of Saltillo, Tennessee, which has stores, cafes, bait shops and gasoline. In recent years, a ferry was still active there, providing transportation across the river, but with the construction of a new bridge just north of there, the ferry was discontinued.

Photos of the resort and surrounding area can be viewed in the accompanying slideshow. Also, for anyone that wishes to join us as land owners at Big River Plantation Resort, check out these links: Tennessee River Lots and Big River Plantation Resort. This writer receives no compensation from the land owners or the resort for this article. It is simply a service to readers who would like a get away place.

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