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Big oil billionaires linked to climate denial 'science'

funding the "climate denial machine"
funding the "climate denial machine"
Greenpeace International

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that “throw-away” economics must cease if we are to allow for this planet to sustain itself for the coming generations. Over-consumption of natural resources leads to wars, unhappiness and added carbon in our atmosphere. Carbon prevents heat from exiting the earth’s atmosphere, thus leading to global warming. So what is with the notion that there is a dispute in the “science” field regarding the warming of our earth?

Just as John D. Rockefeller heavily funded prohibition in the name of morality during a time when ethanol (alcohol) had captured nearly a quarter of the domestic fuel market, Koch Industries is now heavily funding climate denial “science” in hopes of slowing the renewable energy and carbon reduction initiatives.

Most Americans have never heard of Koch Industries. Although Koch intentionally stays out of the public eye, it is now playing a quiet but dominant role in a high-profile national policy debate on global warming. Koch Industries contributed $24.9 million in funding to organizations of the “climate denial machine” between 2005 and 2008 -- three times the donation of their partner, ExxonMobil.

According to Greenpeace, the company has developed a tight knit network of lobbyists, former executives and organizations who have created a forceful stream of misinformation that Koch-funded entities produce and disseminate. A paramount example of the illusory data is the Koch-funded, continuously broadcasted “ClimateGate” coverage which “focused on creating a sense of conspiracy and doubt on the scientific consensus regarding climate change.”

Koch Industries is the second-largest privately-held company in the United States, a conglomerate of more than twenty companies with $100 billion in annual sales. Koch operates crude oil gathering systems and pipelines across North America -- processing more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil daily.

“My joke is we’re the biggest company you’ve never heard of.” - David Koch

While Koch Industries and its partners are concerned about conserving their net worth, earth activists, such as, are greatly troubled by the fleeting livability of this planet. was established to spread the word about the serious immediate threats associated with climate change.

“350 parts per million is what many scientists, climate experts, and progressive national governments are now saying is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. Accelerated arctic warming and other early climate impacts have led scientists to conclude that we are already above the safe zone at our current 388ppm, and that unless we are able to rapidly return to below 350 ppm this century, we risk reaching tipping points and irreversible impacts.” -

Big Oil” may appear as an unstoppable environmental foe; however, all is not lost. Just as in any other intervention, the first step toward freedom is awareness of the problem. If we unite as a nation aware of our history which continues to haunt us, the healing period can then begin.

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