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Big neighborhood parking not an irregular habit

Special permit fees encourage San Diegans to choose their public acts that give them an irregulara benefit considerately. Parking a big RV, or a Sea-Doo waverider trailer, on a public city neighborhood block is a regular neighborhood act for locals with an outdoor vehicle lifestyle.

The Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit Fee the city council plans to take a vote on will make San Diegans with an outdoor lifestyle get a special permit, and pay 1.25 dollars, to park an oversized, non-motorized, or recreational vehicle on the same street their neigbors park between the hours of 2 am and 6 am.

Hundreds of signs and signposts Streets Division workers will put in neighborhoods in June to put San Diegans on notice on the special permit by July will not make the typical San DIegans feel welcome in their own neighborhood. They will have to get a permit, and pay 1.25 dollars, each day they park an outdoor vehicle. And, will not be permitted to park more than three days in a row.

All will have to prove they deserve to park in a neighborhood spot each day they park. The convenience of an online permitting system does nothing to make a San Diegan forget their city drew a parking line that is not a friendly line. An outdoor living trailer, or a family's ocean boat, will stay on the street at an address no more than 72 days a year. More parking days needed? Have to move the vehicle.

Planning to take trips to escape to the mountains or the desert for a weekend, or ride the waters near a San Diego beach, counts against a San Diegan visitors can remember for their typical lifestyle.

The extra permit burden makes their lifestyle less comfortable. Free lifestyle hoices are a native's pride.

Keep neighborhoods safe by getting the outtdoor lifestyle San DIegans and their single car neighbors together. Negative impacts on using the block to live can be lowered to a minimum level by locals standing on equal ground. The council's 2013 decision to make the Neighborhood Parking Protection Ordinance law did not make a special parking permit fee necessary.

Use more appreciation of San DIegans' lifestyle choices before proposing a special permit. Do not approve the special parking permit, and the 1.25 dollar fee. San DIegans got the messgae on keeping neigthborhood blocks open safe streets when the council passed the ordinance.

A firm colorful examination on truth. . . .

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