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Big Muddy takes the path less traveled and hits the mark with Blueberry Blonde

Hitting the mark where others don't dare to go.
Hitting the mark where others don't dare to go.
Lenny Buzz

Another in the Big Muddy Brewing Company series is a fairly new comer. Going a less traveled path Big Muddy Brewing goes with a seldom used fruit, the blueberry, for their inaugural fruit beer. Blueberries are typically avoided due to the very light and tart flavor they contribute. The trick is getting the fruit flavor in the beer without turning the beer into a wine or fruit juice. Big Muddy has hit the mark with Blueberry Blonde.

Pouring this beer produces a reddish amber beer. Thin white head quickly dissipates. The fruity berry bubblegum aroma is immediately noticeable and enjoyable. A nice white wine aroma also accompanies this beer. Tasting this beer will give you a nice light and fruity flavor without letting you forget it is a beer. A slight tartness from the blueberries and clean finish has you coming back for more. This will be great poolside or at your favorite swimming hole.

At 6% ABV this beer comes off very light. Blueberry Blonde is surely a favorite beer for the ladies or your fruity beer drinker. Big Muddy Blueberry Blonde should be an addition to any summer beer cooler. Blueberry Blonde, a summer seasonal can be found throughout the Big Muddy distribution area.