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It is popular on the liberal left to cast political stones at the Republicans for being the party of Big Money intrests. But those who live in glass houses should watch out for shards. They can come back to haunt you.

This liberal political machine has cranked up its noise machine since the Citizen's United and McCutcheon decision. These Supreme Court rulings have declared that restrictions on monetary giving to political parties and causes are in the main, unconstitutional.

Liberals scoff. Money is not speech. This is absurd and ridiculous.

Corporations are not people. They will buy elections. The rich like the Koch brothers will overwhelm the political process with money.

One liberal, Ira Glasser of the American Civil Liberties Union dissented. Glasser castigated fears of Citizen's United as "liberal paranoia."

In legal terms, there are 3 forms of speech. Obviously, there is pure speech as a speaker in the public square. There is speech plus which is speech amplified by such devices as picketing, demonstrations , signs,ect. And symbolic speech.

One would be hard pressed to say that money does not amplify speech. Whether it is a $5 dollar donation to an anarchist or $50,000 to a Republican, money is feeding and amplifying the cause. It is both speech plus and symbolic of the donor's intention to put his money where his political mouth is.

However, for every Koch Brother feeding the Republicans , there is a Howard Buffett or George Soros feeding the Democrats.

And how about corporations ? It is true that corporations are a legal fiction of sorts. But so are other forms of organizations. How about unions that give hundreds of millions plus people power to the Democrats ? How about non-profit corporations like Planned Parenthood who give big bucks to Democrats ?

Should corporations have a voice in American politics ? Absolutely. For better or worse, business corporations are constituents. They employ people in your neighborhood for one. They are tools for investment. Corporations , in one way or another, are part of the political landscape. And they are indeed made up of people.

More germane to the arguments over political money that worries liberals and the left is the fact that Democrats have been outraising Republicans. This gives Ira Glasser's comment on "Liberal paranoia" new life.

The Richmond Times Dispatch recently reported on the finances of the Virginia Senate race. Mark Warner, the incumbent Democrat , has more cash raised and on hand than his probable Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie. It should be noted that Warner is a millionaire several times over.

The Christian Science Monitor on April 16,2014, reported that Democrats had a record fund raising month in March of $10 million dollars. This was for Congressional mid term elections in Novemeber 2014.

The Associated Press reported Democrats are outraising Republicans 3-1. The Democrats have socked away about $41 million for the mid term races. The conservative Wall St. Journal reports that Dems are outraising Repos. The liberal PoliticusUSA concurs.

The Democrats calling foul in the money department is ridiculous and hypocritical If money is the mother milk of politics , the Democrats have some big cows in their yfield.Besides that, many corporations hedge their bets by giving to both parties.

But more than anything, its just so hypocritical. The Democrats, historically, have no cleaner hands than Republicans when it comes to buying elections. From Boss Tweed in New York showering money on Irish immigrants in the 1800s to John Kennedy's father spreading money to Sheriff's in West Va to beat Hubert Humphrey in 1960, Democrats know how to raise spend just as well as Republicans.

No doubt, we spend enough on elections to house a lot of homeless, provide medical services, build schools , repair some pot holed roads. But, the reality is that Democrats and Republicans are capitalist parties in a hyper capitalist society. The circus will go on.

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