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Big media guns coming to Bedford to investigate local officials

James O'Keefe
James O'Keefe
Getty Images

We learned yesterday that a couple of high-powered independent investigative journalists are looking into the local elections in Bedford, New Hampshire. James O'Keefe from Project Veritas has joined Ben Swann from the Truth in Media Project in a Freedom of Information request to get public information about several Bedford town officials. Some people might be wondering why these two journalists are interested in a local New Hampshire election. The answer should be obvious.

There are two new political kids in Bedford that aren't playing the status quo game. Aaron Day and Matt Phillips are shaking up the establishment and the establishment does not like it. These gentlemen are affiliated with the Free State Project, and as committed libertarians, they desire small government, which always means putting an end to excessive spending and crony capitalism. Those in government and benefiting from their relationships with government don't typically like it when people get in the way.

My Examiner colleague Kimberly Morin wondered in her recent column if something might be rotten in Bedford. That remains to be seen and it will be seen if these two investigative journalists are allowed to do their jobs.

What is unsettling about this election is that during the final stages of the campaign a few local officials have decided to "out" Day and Phillips as members of the Free State Project. Today we learned that the establishment politicians circulated a expensive glossy mailer that painted Day and Phillips as outsider extremists who were trying to take over Bedford government. This seems like an extreme measure to demonize political opponents, that may have folks wondering if the establishment group has something to hide. There is no evidence of any of that but it may be something O'Keefe and Swann want to investigate.

Nothing is ever dull in New Hampshire politics.

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